Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A little Asian love 01: Jasmine Wang


Exotic, mesmerizing and totally captivating with their enchanting looks and different cultural demeanor: Asians, they are definitely a whole different ballgame altogether. There is just something very unique about Asian chicks regardless whether they are Japanese, Thai, Filipino or Chinese. Personally, I love Thai girls more than I like Japanese. Not to say that I do not like Japanese, I do but I somehow prefer Thai, they are just a whole different breed of Asian.

Which brings me to this here girl. Do not, please do not ask me for real name. The truth is, much like their wester counterpart, these Asian models/actresses have different names for different sites. Silly but I suppose I guess it helps with them appearing in multiple adult sites.

This here model is called Jasmine Wang (at The Black Alley). Though she has other names that she uses in other sites, for the purpose of this blog, I will just keep to her name here. Jasmine is as interestingly Asian as a girl gets.

Unlike many of her western counterparts, Jasmine has one trait that is quite unique, her beautifully messy pubic hair area at her genitals. Her first few sets from the website truly showcases her in all her glory; and unlike some she is not shy to jump right in and get into the action while the cameraman snaps away.

Like many Asian, Jasmine is small in frame, and sporting a long wavy black hair that does justice to her skin tone (silky smooth and white). So far, most of her sets that I like are from The Black Alley. I don't really have any videos of her though it would be interesting to see her in motion. Attached below are just some of her sets from the same site. I would love to talk more about her but I think I'll let her picture do the talking.

Oh, one more thing; some of my friends in the Asian region are not pleased that the website (The Black Alley) blocks access to neighboring areas. As for me, I have no problem getting my TBA fix!

Jasmine Wang Set 1

Jasmine Wang Set 2

Jasmine Wang Set 6

Jasmine Wang Set 8


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  2. Hmm... The only other one that I know of is Josephine Cheung from AsiaNude4U. She also did a video with her playing with a Dildo. Might want to check that out.



  3. Dear Doctor, I would appreciate if you could help identify these ladies and perhaps point to other locations where their material can be found. Many thanks in advance!