Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Little Asian Love 06 : Lolita Cheng TBA

A Little Asian Love 07
Lolita Cheng : The Black Alley

Asian women are always a delight to behold. If ever I am given a choice to choose only one kind of woman to bang and one kind only; I would without a doubt choose Asian - specifically either Thai or Indonesian. There's just something about them, their slanting eyes, their small petite frame and their white skin tinged slightly with a golden hue, their not so overly large breasts - I could go on and on about them.

(Don't ever get me wrong, I love women no matter where they are from)

So it is not surprising that I find this ravishing beauty from The Black Alley stunning. Again, unlike many of their European counterpart, very little is known about them. Its not like there is a bio page that contains all of their information that I can surf. In any case, while I may be interested to know more about her, I am actually more interested to look and ogle her young and tight body, aside from rubbing my meat at the sight of her delicious tight pussy.

I am not entirely sure what is her name. But in The Black Alley, she is known as Lolita Cheng. Aptly named if I may say so myself since she is small framed and petite. Her soft perky tits have ever made my mouth water. I could suck on those tits of hers all day! Topping that soft delicious tits is some of the cutest nipples that I've ever seen: small button like light brown.

Going down south, her pubes are finely trimmed: a hint of their former bushy glory. Some guys hate hairy pussies, me... I LOVE THEM. Sure some hair get in between your tongue as you lap and lap away but it gives it women a little bit more character down there.


And her ass... wow! Smooth and fair skinned, its one of the finest asses there is around. I wonder if she works out on a daily basis. This is one girl that I would want her to ride me. I could imagine it already, she sitting on top of me riding away while bent low enough for me to nibble on her perky mouthwatering tits as my hands grope her ass and my finger explore her asshole.

Ok... if you'll excuse me I need to continue this on my own. I'll leave this blog with a little sampling of her set, a farm girl set (yeah... I can hear some of you smiling already).

Lolita Cheng Set 03 of The Black Alley

The pic above is interesting: peek a boo... I see your nipples!

I love the pic above, just so sexy! She is revealing herself yet not revealing herself just yet if you get what I mean...
Look at that ass, deliciously round and just begging to be groped!

I don't like tattoos. But in this case I am just too busy looking at her ass!

So sweet looking, so naive!

Beautiful buxom girl at a farm, bending over at some fence... how many men have fantasized about this?

Tattooed or not, I would mount this girl in a heartbeat. Nice and slow at first and then going super hard before unloading inside of her!


While I really hate tattoos on women, I loathe them actually... despite that she is a definite 'must-fuck'! Right after some tongue lashing first! I wonder how hard is it to find her in Thailand?


  1. This is a really fun blog. I like her - and as porn tats go, you can do way worse!

  2. Sorry for the late reply. But you know what, you are absolutely right. There are some really horrendous tats out there and it makes me wonder why would some of the most beautiful girls on the planet would do that to themselves.