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A Little Asian Love 07 (supp): Lolita Cheng

A Little Asian Love 07 (supp) : Lolita Cheng
Identity Crisis
(Lolita Cheng TBA | Martiny May 88Square | Num Tip Sanya Hot Teen Asia | Vivien Cheung AN4U

Some time back, I posted about this lovely beauty. And while I initially commented that I am no fan of skin art, someone commented that her tattoos are at least not as bad as some models and performers that you can find in and around the internet.

I agree.

The tattoos on her does little to hinder her already beautiful natural good looks and delicious body. She also has that cute thing going for her that I find very intoxicating, especially when she smiles. Her firm round ass is my favourite next to her tight looking pussy and her sinfully sweet looking tits.

Everything about her spells bubblegum. I would not be surprised if she was Japanese, she would be as famous as Tina Yuzuki / Rio.

(I think I know who to write about next after this)

One thing that I find rather disturbing about her is her name in The Black Alley. While it does catch the attention of men who are looking for super young lass to bag and shag, it somewhat makes me feel dirty. And there is nothing really Asian about it except for that forced surname at the back.

But it stops there. Yeah, I know that I have issues about women with tattoos since I prefer them to be natural looking (and if she doesn't have piercings the better), I can still stomach her skin art as they are subtly done and not over the top. Heck, you would not even notice it at first.

Anyhow, I've already spoken about her before. I don't feel like repeating it again since I rather ogle her than talk about her.

In case you are wondering why the repeat in the posting, its real simple. Someone once asked under what name she appeared as on other sites. This here post serves to answer them. If you want more of her, you know where to find her.

This is The Doctor, signing off.

Lolita Cheng : The Black Alley
Set 04

4023236_lolita-cheng-04-046.jpg 4023242_lolita-cheng-04-054.jpg
4023245_lolita-cheng-04-061.jpg 4023244_lolita-cheng-04-069.jpg
4023247_lolita-cheng-04-075.jpg 4023249_lolita-cheng-04-081.jpg
4023270_lolita-cheng-04-087.jpg 4023277_lolita-cheng-04-090.jpg
4023276_lolita-cheng-04-092.jpg 4023275_lolita-cheng-04-101.jpg
4023280_lolita-cheng-04-104.jpg 4023281_lolita-cheng-04-119.jpg

Martiny May : 88Square
Set 01

4023330_mama0107.jpg 4023331_mama0111.jpg
4023332_mama0123.jpg 4023334_mama0147.jpg
4023336_mama0150.jpg 4023338_mama0164.jpg
4023341_mama0166.jpg 4023342_mama0167.jpg
4023344_mama0188.jpg 4023346_mama0190.jpg

Vivian Cheung - AsianNude4U

4048620_vivian-cheung-sm1183a-002.jpg 4048621_vivian-cheung-sm1183a-014.jpg
4048625_vivian-cheung-sm1183a-028.jpg 4048623_vivian-cheung-sm1183a-040.jpg
4048649_vivian-cheung-sm1183a-045.jpg 4048651_vivian-cheung-sm1183a-048.jpg
4048653_vivian-cheung-sm1183a-049.jpg 4048658_vivian-cheung-sm1183a-056.jpg
4048669_vivian-cheung-sm1183a-078.jpg 4048671_vivian-cheung-sm1183a-085.jpg


Regardless of where she appears, Lolita Cheng (or whatever her name is) is a stunner to look at. Cute, bubbly and certainly gorgeous, I would without a doubt, do her in a heartbeat. Count me as another fan of hers; tattoos or not.

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